Finding the best pellet smoker for the money: 2018 Buying Guide

Electric pellet smokers are a real “set and forget” piece of kit. Simply load in the pellets and the grill or smoker will feed in the pellets as required based on the temperature probe reading in the cooking chamber. Pellet smokers do cost considerably more though than their propane or charcoal smoker equivalents, mainly due to the digital technology that they utilise.

Our pellet smoker reviews below bring together the top 5 pellet smokers that suit different budgets and technology requirements and will help you answer the question: what is the best pellet smoker for the money?

Camp Chef PG24The best seller: Camp Chef PG24

Despite its high price ($700) this product is a best seller for a reason. The temperature control system is LED Digital and has the ability to be adjusted for either high or low smoke. This option enables you to have a perfect smoke for whatever food type you wish. The Camp Chef comes with an automatic pellet dispenser and it also shuts off when finished as a safety feature. This smoker also features a warming rack for any foods you want to cook but not necessarily smoke.

If you enjoy cooking outdoors and using a smoker, this is a great investment to make and one of the best pellet smoker grills. Yes, its high priced but the Camp Chef PG24 is high quality and easy to use.

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Bradley Smokers Original SmokerThe best priced: Bradley Smokers Original Smoker

For the very competitive price of less than $300, the Bradley Smokers Original packs in some great features . This smoker comes with an interior that is stainless steel and well insulated; this feature also enables the smoker to hold up to an impressive eight hours of smoke with no need to refuel. The temperature gauges are easy to use and will enable you to produce a consistent smoke each time. There is also a maximum temperature of 250 degrees Fahrenheit.

The automatic wood feeding system and easy to use controls makes this smoker a great choice for easy and convenient home smoking at an affordable price. 

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The high tech best rated: REC TEC Wood Pellet GrillREC TEC Wood Pellet Grill

Looking for a modern and high tech smoker? One of the best rated on the market is the REC TEC Wood Pellet Grill with Smart Grill Technology. This product is all about precision and functionality. The Smart Grill Technology Controller allows the user to switch temperatures from 180 degrees up to 500 degrees in 5 degree increments. With this technology, the smoking experience is made to suit the chef’s needs. This high tech smoker is designed to be used for years and the overall quality of the smoker is excellent, plus this is supported by a six year limited warranty.

At almost $1000, this smoker is certainly not cheap but you are paying for some great build quality and some genuinely useful high tech features.

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Louisiana Grills 60900-LG900…alternatively: Louisiana Grills 60900-LG900 LG 900

A alternative to the REC TEC is the slightly ($900) lower priced Louisiana Grills 60900. This wood pellet grill has a cooking surface that is 913 square inches for optimal cooking space. The 60900 grill also features an easy to use control system starting at 170 degrees and going up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. The Flame Broiler option gives you the choice of direct or indirect cooking, helping to create a custom cooking experience. The Louisiana Grills LG900 also has a programmable meat probe that enables the chef to set the temperature and walk away.

This is a very easy to use pellet smoker with wider temperature range than the REC TEC, plus it also includes that neat programmable meat temperature probe.

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The good mid-ranger: Bradley Digital 4-Rack SmokerBradley Digital 4-Rack Smoker

If you consider $1000 too expensive for a pellet smoker then a great mid-priced ($360) smoker is the Bradley Digital 4-Rack Smoker. This smoker features four cooking racks, allowing the user to cook a variety of items at the same time. Also, the digital control system can be set for up to eight hours of smoke with a temperature of up to 320 degrees Fahrenheit. If you are looking for an easy to use smoker that can even fit indoors, this is a great option.

For those new to smoking food, the Bradley Digital 4-Rack Smoker gives you the ability to experiment while still learning.

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