What is the best propane smoker? 2018 buying guide

The great thing about propane smokers is that they are much easier to use than their charcoal cousins. They are also well priced with good value models retailing around the $150-$170 price point. A gas smoker is also very portable as you don’t need an electrical connection!

If you are looking for the best propane smoker, whether its the best value, best rated or the “very best”, use our handy buying guide with recommendations on the top propane smokers in each category.

Check out our favourite propane smoker reviews below.


The best seller: Masterbuilt 20051311Masterbuilt 20051311

The Masterbuilt 2-Door Propane Smoker is one of the top selling propane smokers on the market. This model features four chrome coated racks that add up to a total of 717 square inches of cooking space. Starting this smoker is as easy as pushing a button, literally. Push button ignitions makes this a very easy-to-use smoker! The wood chip tray is coated in porcelain to help make cleaning easy and a water pan allows the chef to infuse the smoke with even more flavour. Plus, the doors on this Masterbuilt propane smoker feature handles that stay cool even as the temperature rises.

This is a great model for someone looking to try out a propane smoker.

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Camp Chef Smoke VaultThe top rated: Camp Chef Smoke Vault

The Camp Chef Smoke Vault often receives high ratings for many good reasons. This model has a door thermometer that gives it a sturdy bank vault look. Not only does it look cool but it’s also easy to read. This model has two smoking racks that can be adjusted as needed. For those who like customizing their cooking experience, this propane smoker also has three damper valves to help keep meat moist while also infusing flavour. The wood tray is also very durable as it’s made of heavy-gauge steel.

If you are looking for the top rated smoker model, then the Camp Chef Smoke Vault is a superb option for propane smoking.

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The good mid-range propane smoker: Smoke Hollow 38202GSmoke Hollow 38202G

If you are looking for a good quality propane smoker at a mid-range price, than this one is for you. The Smoke Hollow 2-Door Smoker has two doors that allow the user to refill the water and wood pan without releasing any of the flavourful smoke. The temperature range is adjustable through a gas control system and there are also vents to release smoke if needed. The cabinet on this Smoke Hollow propane smoker has 3.4 cubic feet of space and is made of quality steel to help insulate the heat.

If you want a good quality propane smoker but still at a reasonable price, the Smoke Hollow is definitely worth checking out.

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Smoke Hollow 44241G2The best top end one: Smoke Hollow 44241G2

For those seeking the best of the best, then the Smoke Hollow Vertical LP Gas Smoker is a great choice. Two wood chip pans are offered to ensure enough smoke fills the cabinet, and the pans are coated in porcelain to help keep in the heat of the wood chips. This model also comes with three cooking grates, a rack specifically for ribs, and two trays to smoke jerky. The two door system makes it easy to refuel without releasing flavour.

The Smoke Hollow 44inch Vertical Smoker is the best option for anyone who uses smokers often or for anyone who is looking for a very high quality propane smoker.

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