Looking for the best electric smoker? Buying Guide

Electric smokers

Electric smokers are normally the preferred choice due to the fact they are simple to use and don’t need too much upkeep. All that’s required of you is to plug in your model into an electrical outlet, add some wood chips in order for smoke to be produced, and get ready for some juicy, flavorful meat.

​With electric meat smokers, your fire-tending duties are truly kept to the bare minimum. That is why these type of smokes are great for beginners. You can pop in your meat, set the smoker and forget about your food until it’s ready. There’s no need for you to mess around with charcoal, pellets or gas. Plus, there are no fumes involved, and you’re free from dangers of gas.

Electric smokers are super convenient, practical and safe. All this without compromising on the authenticity of that much-loved smoky flavor.Electric smokers give you complete temperature control when it comes to your cooking chamber. This means you can actually control the smoke’s density. And in the world of food smoking, temperature and smoke are all what it’s about. Being able to properly control them equates to food smoking success.

Features to look for when buying an electric smoker

So if all electric smokers have got that part down, what factors should you look into when trying to choose the best one? The following are four important features worth considering before you make your decision:



Whether you like it or not, your choice of smoker depends on your budget. Although choosing the cheapest model you can find might prove to be unwise, it’s not always the case that a cheap electric smoker means you’re getting something of low quality. When it comes to electric smokers, the price tag is influenced by the brand name, the materials used in the smoker’s construction, safety features, convenience value, warranty type and accessories, amongst others. So you’ll need to find a burner that’s within your budget and that has the right balance of features for your needs.

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It’s best to reflect on where and how you’ll be using your smoker in order to determine what size best suits you. It all depends on the space you have available for it, as well as whether you’ll only be using the smoker occasionally or for business purposes. You need to first think about what quantity of meat you’re planning on cooking in the smoker, before you look at the unit dimensions and choose either a small, medium or large model.



This is an important feature to consider, as it’s quite indicative of the smoker’s durability. You’ll want to spend your money on something that lasts you for a long time. Well-made smokers can very well stand the test of time if they’re properly cared for. So make sure you look into a smoker’s design and thematerials used to make it, before you make the purchase.


Ease of cleaning

If you plan on making the best out of your smoker, you’re going to need one that’s easy to maintain. Effortless cleaning not only means you’ll be willing to use the smoker more often, but it also influences its durability.

Best Selling Electric Smokers Reviewed

Masterbuilt 20075315 (40-Inch)

This space-saving model by Masterbuilt happens to be one of the smallest electric models in the market and one of the top rated electric smokers out there. It weighs very little and is amazingly compact, given that its interior has ample cooking space. It measures 33” X 19.5” X 18.5” with 975 square inches of space for effectively smoking all your meats.

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As with most Masterbuilt models, this smoker is competitively priced, without compromising on quality. It’s powerful and has a lot of insulation, ensuring great performance every time. It’s also incredibly easy to clean, having only two drip pans and four racks, all of which can be very easily removed.

One slight inconvenience of this small electric smoker might be the fact that you actually have to tilt the unit when you want to drain the grease out of it. It doesn’t really pose a big problem, but nonetheless it’s an actual complaint from owners on electric smoker reviews.

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Bradley Smokers Original Smoker

Bradley are known for their world-class smokers, and this one here is no exception. It features a new stainless steel interior and extra large front feet that make the model more stable. This incredibly affordable electric smoker also comes with new rack supports. This means that there’s no more danger of your racks tipping over when you pull them out.

This electric meat smoker has four removable racks and its generator also has a removable side panel. These make the model all the more easy to clean and maintain. With 520 square inches of cooking space and separate smoke and oven burners, the Bradley Smoker Original gives you quite a bit of smoking options.

Unfortunately though, a common problem with this model seems to be its heating element. Some users claim that the element that burns bisquettes doesn’t heat up well, and the smoker takes too long to reach high temperatures.

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Masterbuilt 20072115 Bluetooth Smart Digital Electric Smoker (30-Inch)

Another reasonably priced Masterbuilt model, this electric digital smoker turns your smart handheld device into the smoker’s remote control, all thanks to its integrated Bluetooth Smart technology. If you’re a tech lover this model will definitely go down well with you. Using an electric smoker has never been easier than with digital smokers like this one. It allows you to monitor and control temperature and cooking time from your smart device, simplifying smoking even more.

This electric smoker comes with a front access grease tray and removable drip and water pans for easy cleaning. Its side-mounted wood chip loading system allows you to add electric smoker wood chips without losing smoke or heat, adding to its smoking consistency.

This model comes with a built-in thermometer, but a common complaint about it is that this digital thermometer is inaccurate – it’s off by a couple of degrees. On the other hand though, its temperature controls are spot-on.