Best Pool Covers: Buying Guide

Anyone who has a pool knows that you have to have a good cover for the winter months. Without a cover, you are just asking for a multitude of problems. However, most people do not know how to find a good pool cover and will just buy the first one they find that fits their pool. In the end, this can waste lots of money and lead you to have to buy another pool cover. Following is a quick buying guide to help you pick out the correct pool cover for your needs and then a few pool covers for your consideration.

Benefits of Buying a Pool Cover

Depending on what kind of pool cover you buy, there are tons of benefits. For example, if you buy a bubble solar pool cover, you won’t have to worry about the size that much. Bubble solar pool covers can easily be trimmed to fit different pool shapes and sizes. Solar covers also heat your pool water, decreasing your power bill. If you go the route of a winter pool cover, there are other obvious advantages. First, it will keep stuff, such as animals and debris, out of your pool. Second, it will keep sunlight out of your pool, which will greatly decrease the number of algae that grows. Other types of pool covers will also have different benefits, such as protection for children so that they do not fall in.


Best Selling Pool Covers Compared and Reviewed

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Intex Solar Cover Review

Intex Solar Cover

Top Features

PVC Plastic: The super heavy duty PVC plastic used to make this solar cover from Intex is what is going to make this pool cover stand the test of time. It does a great job of keeping out all dirt and debris.

Retains Heat: The solar cover traps and retains heat, warming your pool for you, for free. Nobody wants ice cold water, and this solar cover makes it so you never have to shiver your way through a swim again.

Reduces Evaporation: By covering your pool with this cover from Intex, you can reduce the amount of water that evaporates by a whopping 95%, saving you water and money.

Lightweight: Weighing a measly 5 pounds, this solar cover easily floats on top of your pool. It also makes it super easy to put on, take off, and move from one place to another.


A huge advantage of buying this solar cover is the carrying bag that it comes with. The carrying bag is a perfect place to store the cover when you are not using it, making storage a total breeze. On top of that, it also comes in multiple sizes. It comes in 10-foot, 12-foot, 15-foot, 16-foot, and 18-foot options. This cover requires no extra space, so you can order the exact same size as your pool.


The only possible downside of this cover is that it does not secure to the sides on the pool, it instead floats right on top. However, this causes no problems when it comes to performance.

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Blue Wave Solar Blanket Review

Blue Wave Solar Blanket

Top Features

Thermal Bubbles: The thermal air bubbles, covering the under surface of this solar blanket, are great and retaining heat. This allows you to keep your pool warm without using an expensive heater.

Clear Material: Since this blanket is clear, more heat is able to actually reach your pool water. A colored blanket could not trap as much heat, making this blanket super effective.

Thick 14 Guage Material: The thick material of this solar blanket makes it very durable. It maximizes the blanket’s lifetime and outlasts almost every other solar blanket on the market.

Cut to Fit: Another great thing about this solar blanket is that it can be easily cut to fit any size or shape pool. Cutting it does not affect its performance at all, just leave an inch or two around the edges to account for any possible shrinkage.


Blue Wave includes a six year warranty with this solar blanket, making it virtually risk free to purchase. Best of all, cutting the solar blanket does not void the warranty, so you can cut it to fit your pool and still be protected under the warranty. Another huge advantage of this solar blanket is that it can save you tons of money. By using solar heat to heat your pool, rather than a traditional heater, you won’t have to shill out extra bucks just to enjoy a swim.


The only thing I would change about this blanket is that it is kind of awkward to cut. But cutting any material as big as this can be a little challenging. This definitely isn’t a reason to not buy it though.

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Intex Deluxe Round Pool Cover Review

Intex Deluxe Round Pool Cover

Top Features

Rope Ties: This deluxe cover from Intel has rope ties every making it super easy to secure right onto the edges of your pool.

Drain Holes: The drain holes on this cover also prevent water accumulation. With other covers, if it rains the rain will stay on top and accumulate and sometimes even sink the cover, but not with the drain holes. The drain holes drain the water while still keeping all the debris out.

UV Resistant: UV resistant polyethene helps reduce evaporation and keep your pool in tip top shape.

Lightweight: The lightweight nature of this cover makes it easy to install, take off, and put back on. It can easily be done by one person and in just a few minutes.


My favorite thing about this pool cover is how well it keeps out dirt and debris. It is definitely one of the better pool covers out there when it comes to keeping your pool clean. Debris won’t build up on the cover itself either. Even the smallest amount of wind will blow all the debris off, so next time you take it off you don’t have to worry about the debris falling into the pool. Also, when it comes to installation, it practically installs itself. All you have to do is tie the ropes in order to secure it in place.


Unfortunately, this cover is only for circular, above ground, pools. If you have an in-ground or rectangular pool, you will have to go with another cover, but that doesn’t really make this one any less amazing.

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Sun2Solar Swimming Pool Solar Cover Heating Tarp Blanket Review

Sun2Solar Swimming Pool Solar Cover

Top Features

Thermal Air Bubbles: Like the other cover with thermal air bubbles, this one also retains maximum heat. The thick layer of air bubbles traps the heat from the sun and uses it to heat your pool to the perfect temperature.

Minimizes Evaporation: With this solar blanket, you can finally break the endless cycle of filling your pool, having the water evaporate, and filling it again. In the end, this will also save you lots of money and time that can be better spent elsewhere.

Durable Material: Utilizing durable resin material, this solar blanket will last you many many seasons. I have not experienced any deterioration, even with constant sun exposure.

Cut to Fit: This solar blanket is super easy to cut, so you can fit it to whatever shape your pool is. And even once it is cut, it will perform just as well as it does without being cut.


You can rest easy knowing this pool cover is covered for 6 years by the manufacturer’s warranty. Most pool covers only give you a one or two year warranty if they give you one at all. In addition to the long warranty, it is not voided if you cut the blanket.


Although it comes with a six year warranty, it only has a full warranty for 2 years. After that, it is not covered 100%. But as I always say, when it comes to warranty, something is better than nothing. Even if it is not fully covered, it is still partially covered for another 4 years.

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Blue Wave Bronze 8 Year In Ground Pool Winter Cover Review

Blue Wave Bronze 8 Year In Ground Pool Winter Cover

Top Features

Polyethylene Scrim and Coating: Blue Wave really impressed everyone with the polyethylene scrim and coating on this winter cover. It maximizes durability and can handle whatever the winter throws it’s way.

UV Protected: UV protection guarantees your cover will last for years, even after months of sitting in direct sunlight. Sunlight usually damages or deteriorates pool covers, especially if you use them every day for months, but with UV protection, this is a thing of the past.

Black Underside: The black underside is the unsung hero of this entire cover. If keep your pool covered all winter, like most people, you know all too well how disgusting and algae ridden the pool is when you finally uncover it. The black underside greatly slows down the growth of algae, making setting up your pool in the summer a lot easier.

Heat Sealed Seams: The heat sealed seems of this cover means nothing is going to get through and into your pool, helping to keep your water fresh and clean.


Beating every other cover on our list, this one has a whopping 8 year warranty! It is also unique with its loops every four feet and corner grommets. This gives you added security and is especially useful if you live in a windy area.


The only thing I wish was different about this cover is that it is kind of heavy. However, this is pretty standard for winter covers since they must be so durable. In the end, it does not take away from the quality of the cover.

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What to Look for When Buying a Pool Cover

When you start shopping around, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. The first thing you should keep in mind is what you hope to get from a pool cover. Do you want one that keeps out sunlight or one that will heat the pool? Another thing to keep in mind is how long you plan on using it. You will want to think about if you will be using it every day for months on end. If so, you will want to get one made out of extra durable material.

When buying a pool cover you will, of course, want to look for one with compatible dimensions to your pool. Considering some can be over one hundred dollars, the last thing you want to do is buy a pool cover that won’t even fit your pool. Lastly, you will want to look for a pool cover that works for whatever type of pool you have. In ground and above ground pools require different types of pool covers, so make sure you are getting the right kind.

Tips for Choosing the Right Pool Cover

To make sure you choose the most suitable pool cover, take your time. I always recommend looking at multiple places so that you don’t settle for anything less than what you want. I also recommend taking your time so that you can find the best deal. One pool cover might not be on sale at the first store you look at, but it might be on sale online or in another store, or it might go on sale soon.

When shopping for pool covers I also recommend you have a realistic budget. You probably won’t be able to get a really great pool cover for a big pool for under twenty dollars, but if you want to stay under one hundred, or even fifty, that is definitely doable. Lastly, always remember to do your research and read reviews. The best way to find the perfect pool cover is to do your research on the different types and some of the best brands. Luckily for you, I have rounded up some of the best selling pool covers out there below to help get you started.