Smoke Hollow Smoker Reviews: LPG and Electric Top Selling Models

Smoke Hollow are known for their world-class smokers, both LPG and electric. Their range of smokers varies quite a lot, in all aspects. There is definitely something for everyone: cheap smokers, expensive ones, small models, huge units, you name it. But rest assured that whatever you choose from their range, you’ll be getting something of great quality.

Whether you’re a beginner or a master when it comes to food smoking, you can be certain there’s a Smoke Hollow model with your name on it.

The following are four of their most-loved units:


1. Smoke Hollow Vertical LPG Smoker – 44241G2 (44-Inch)

Smoke Hollow Vertical LPG SmokerThis Smoke Hollow smoker is great for those home chefs who are looking to smoke big quantities of food without any hassle. The unit itself is quite large, measuring in at 24.5” x 33” x 60”, and it’s rather heavy, weighing around 100 pounds. It does have handles for easy transport but it’s best suited for those users who don’t need to move it often.

This gas smoker has two independently controlled gas burners, allowing you to change the unit’s interior temperature with precision. Its double cabinet doors let you cook substantial amounts of food without issues of crowding. Plus, this double door system also allows for feeding water and wood chips into the smoker during its smoking process, without the disadvantage of losing heat or smoke from the cooking chamber.

In fact, this Smoke Hollow vertical gas smoker is renowned for its power and incredible heat control. Despite its size, the unit heats up fast and is able to handle big quantities of food without the risk of fluctuations in temperature, unlike other gas smokers out there that have the tendency of cooling down when you completely fill up the cooking space. Luckily, this Smoke Hollow gas smoker has dual burners that can handle the pressure.

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Although, some users on Smoke Hollow smokers reviews have commented on the fact that after a couple of smoking sessions the smoker suffers from a temperature drop. That being said, not everyone experienced this and there might be many different exterior factors that could contribute to such an issue. What’s certain is that there are lots of pros when it comes to this Smoke Hollow model. It’s easy to assemble and is very easy to use. That makes it great for both experienced chefs and beginners.

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2. Smoke Hollow LPG 2-Door Smoker (model 38202G) 38-Inch

Smoke Hollow LPG 2-Door SmokerThis Smoke Hollow gas smoker is quite a favorite with smoking aficionados. It’s one of the more expensive models from Smoke Hollow, but it’s quite reasonably priced if you look at its features. This Smoke Hollow grill is quite on the large side when it comes to size, so it’s better suited for those who are planning on cooking for a lot of people.

Its biggest highlights are namely its ability to maintain an even internal temperature, its sturdy construction and its dual locking doors. In fact, the unit is made of solid steel with tight-welded screws and two doors that lock in tight. Moreover, you can access the water pan and wood chips via a separate door, allowing you more smoking consistency as you won’t have to open the main smoking chamber that often.

This Smoke Hollow model is smaller than the vertical 44-Inch, measuring 28” x 19” x 47” and weighing in at 68 pounds, so it’s significantly lighter than the former. However you should be warned that the unit is a bit tricky to assemble. Also, you’ll be better off purchasing a separate thermometer if you want an accurate reading, as the thermostat on this particular Smoke Hollow model is off.

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3. Smoke Hollow Electric Smoker (model 30162E)

Smoke Hollow Electric SmokerThis electric smoker is very affordable and yet incredibly efficient. This Smoke Hollow model is compact, measuring only 16” x 14” x 30”, making it ideal for someone who doesn’t have much space. In fact it’s one of the smaller models on the market. Nevertheless it has ample internal cooking space and can handle a good amount of meat and veg at once, without issues of cramming.

The temperature control mechanism of this Smoke Hollow electric smoker allows you to get a precise read on temperature levels, ensuring you’ll smoke your food at just the right heat and smoke levels. Its temperature gauge is very accurate – something which not a lot of smokers can brag about. This smoker reaches high temperatures easily and efficiently maintains them. This is partly due to its sound construction.

Another plus is that the unit comes with a detachable controller. So you can manage the cooking without having to touch the unit itself. There is, however, one drawback you should be aware of before committing to buying this Smoke Hollow electric smoker. A common concern people have had with it is smoke leakage. This is not an atypical issue with smokers, but it’s a problematic one nonetheless. That said, only a few people seem to have reported having this problem, so it might not be an issue with the design but rather one with specific units.

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4. Smoke Hollow Electric Smoker with Window (30-Inch)

Smoke Hollow Electric Smoker with WindowThis particular Smoke Hollow electric smoker is certainly a sturdy model. Its double wall construction works to maintain heat inside the unit. It has an impressive 1500-Watt element that ensures your unit will heat up quickly. Other than having to add wood chips, it’s very similar to your home electric oven, and definitely as easy to use, if not easier.

This new design features a new door with a window and latch. This is meant for you to actually see your food as it cooks, to visually check its progress. However, some have called this feature ‘useless’, since you cannot really see anything when the smoker is operating, because of all the smoke.

Another complaint from Smoke Hollow reviewers is that this specific Smoke Hollow electric smoker works more like a slow cooker. The wood chips smoke for around half an hour before they disappear, and when you open the unit up again to replace them, it takes about 2 hours for them to start smoking again. However, it might be the case that this is because of the meat juices dripping into the smoke box, and unfortunately there’s nothing in the design that prevents this from happening.

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