Traeger Lil Tex Elite Review: Is this pellet smoker grill worth the price?

Grilling has become a fine art that I’ve grown fond of, and those new to the world may not find it tough to find the perfect grill. After purchasing your first grill, you may feel unimpressed with the quality and style, despite the sleek design. Thankfully, I’ve put together a little review of one I think you should highly recommend.

Traeger Lil Tex Elite Pellet Grill’s Top features

Traeger Lil Tex Elite Pellet GrillThe Traeger Lil Tex Elite Pellet Grill has an old-school design with a new school state of mine – for grilling that is. The powerful, flavor inducing grill provides scrumptious and delicious meals with the right cook on hand, and has a larger capacity.

Other features of the Pellet Grill include:

• 418 sq. in. cooking surface
• 6-in-1 capability
• Digital controller
• 20,000 BTU’s cooking power


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When it comes to cooking, the cooking power is everything, and this grill comes with 20,000 BTU’s of power. An incredible 418. Sq. in. cooking surface, you can cook up to 26 burgers. With this grille, you can invite the entire block over and them some for an incredible welcome party – a welcome party for your grille!

Summertime has seriously never been more fun with the incorporation of this grill in my backyard. Easy to use and the ability to grill anything with the 6-in-1 capability, I can do everything from grill, smoke and bake, to roasting, braising and BBQing. The digital controller also allows for perfect cooking without messing up.

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Cooking on the Lil TexAny disadvantages? There are only two drawbacks of this grill, neither of which affect the performance. One disadvantage may be the design, as it may seem a little too dated or masculine for someone’s preferred tastes. Another disadvantage is the shipping process, as it can come a little dented because of the material. While this may seem like a huge disadvantage, I can promise that it doesn’t affect the actual performance of the grill and support was pretty helpful in fixing this.

Traeger Digital ThermostatFuelled by pellets, as the name suggests, this free-standing grill is 98lbs, so you won’t have to worry about it moving or being too weak to handle what the Rock is cooking. Despite its old-school appearance, the LED design is actually pretty impressive. Unfortunately, the grille doesn’t come with anything other than the grille and manual itself, but it’s design and usage is pretty basic – a huge advantage to using.

This product is aimed towards anyone who wants to bring over a ton of friends and enjoy a weekend of nice grilling and enjoying a day out with friends. Not geared to any age or gender specific, this grill provides quality grilling with a digital thermostat. You don’t have to be a pro to use this grill as the aforementioned thermostat is simple to use.

The Final Verdict

Overall, the Lil Tex Pellet Grill is one of the best I’ve used, and won’t recommend another to anyone else. It’s a quality grille the does what it says, while being a central hub for entertainment during game days or having a backyard party.

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