Weber Smokey Mountain 14″ (711001) Review

Weber is a brand that continues to deliver high-quality products to American consumers. The company has really outdone itself with its 711001 Smoking Mountain Cooker.

The construction, features, and design are remarkable. If you are not familiar or have a long history with smoker cookers, you will want to add the Smokey Mountain Cooker to your collection.

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Heavy-Duty Lid

The lid is constructed out of porcelain-enamel, which is a collection of materials like cast iron, aluminum, stainless steel, copper, and steel. These materials are designed to deliver a heat-resistant, durable service for many years to come. If you desire a smoker cooker that will endure frequent, long cooks, the 711001 may be just what you are looking for.


Convenient Handle

The handle is attached to the main top of the lid to ensure the highest level of convenience. On top of that, the lid is ergonomically designed to deliver comfort cooks of various time frames. You can utilize the heavy-duty handle to lift and close the lid with ease. Additionally, the handle will ensure full control when cleaning.

You will have adequate space for cooking various types of foods. Cook vegetables and meats at the same time with the upper and lower cooking grates. To ensure durability and corrosion, Weber plated the cooking grates with plated steel. This material is designed to resist damage caused by food juices, wire cleaning brush, and metal spatulas and prongs.


Easy Temperature-Monitoring

There is nothing worse than dealing with a malfunctioning and difficult-to-read smoker cooker monitor. Well, that will never be an issue with the Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker. The thermometer is conveniently built into the top of the lid. This location will provide you with easy access to the interior temperature even from a short distance. You can just look at the thermometer and see that it is durable and high-quality.

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Super-Easy Heat Control

When it comes to cooking with a smoker cooker, temperature control is crucial. You must be able to make minor and major temperature adjustments in a timely manner. Well, you can do just that with the Smokey Mountain Cooker, thanks to the built-in dampers. The dampers are located on the front exterior of the unit, where you will have quick and easy access to it at all times.

When the temperature needs to be adjusted, a simple turn of the dampers will do the trick. If the temperature is not high enough, you will only need to close the dampers and vice versa for temperatures that are too high.


Overall Assessment

The Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker will make a great addition to your outdoor or pool area. The setup is straightforward, making this the ideal smoker cooker for all adults. It offers not only durability but reliability, accuracy, and longevity. The cooking areas are large enough to cook at least five pounds of brisket, 10 hamburgers, five large chicken breasts, and three baby back ribs. While you are cooking the meat, you can also be preparing enough vegetables for all of your guests.

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