Weber Spirit vs Genesis – What’s the Difference?

Finding a good grill will prove to be difficult but you can simplify this process by singling out a few specific brands. For instance, you should consider focusing solely on Weber since the brand is considered one of the best in the industry. This company’s grills are great with many similarities. However, only one is going to be right for you. Which is it?


Weber Spirit Introduction

Weber is one of the best-known manufacturers of grills. The Spirit Series is designed to provide the user with the perfect sear each time. You will find that this lineup of grills offers a wealth of options to choose from. For instance, you will find various sizes and colors. The sizes are very similar but the prices vary slightly. Since you’re doing business with Weber, you can guarantee that you’ll get your money’s worth when buying a Spirit grill.

Weber Genesis Introduction

Weber claims that the Genesis II Series will provide you with even heat and an even better taste. These grills are slightly larger than their counterparts ensuring the user has more cooking space. This lineup is very popular among consumers because the grills are sleek, efficient, and user friendly. Weber is one of the leading manufacturers of grills so you know you’re going to be satisfied with one of these Genesis grills.

Weber Spirit II E-210 vs Weber Genesis II E-310


Weber Spirit II E-210 Review

Now, it is time to dig digger into one of the best grills in the Spirit II lineup and that is the Weber Spirit II E-210. This grill is inexpensive yet it offers plenty of cooking space. You’ll also appreciate the fact that it is available in two colors. You can choose between mocha and black.

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Space And Burners

With the Spirit II E-210, you’re going to have ample cooking space for a small family. In total, the grill offers 450 square inches of space with two burners. This will be enough space to prepare for a small family but it might not be good enough for parties. This is plenty for most but it is far less than what you’re going to get with the Genesis II. If you prefer additional space to play around with, you’ll want to stick with the alternative. However, most families will be thrilled with the compact size of the Spirit II E-210.

Infinity Ignition System

With some grills, you’re going to have difficulty igniting them. This can be frustrating and you’ll want to avoid this problem. With the Weber Spirit II E-210, you won’t have any problems thanks to the Infinity Ignition system. This system is guaranteed to ignite with every push of the button. On top of that, it is backed by a 10-year warranty. This is something you won’t find with the alternative.

Grease Management

Finally, you’ll want to look at the grease management system. This can be one of the most frustrating aspects of using a grill but the Spirit II will make things easy for you. The grease management system offers various benefits. For instance, it helps remove grease while minimizing the risk of flare-ups. Most drippings will be vaporized by the flavorizer bars. If they’re not, they’ll be funneled away from the burners and stored in the drip-tray. The tray is disposable and can be found under the cook box.

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This makes it easy for the user to remove the tray and dispose of the grease.

Weber Genesis II E-310 Review

The Weber Genesis II E-310 is going to be a good grill for many consumers. It comes with a 10-year warranty so you can guarantee that you’re going to be happy with your purchase. It has stainless steel heat deflectors and a fuel gauge so you can keep an eye on liquid propane levels. This grill offers more cooking space making it a better choice for larger families and parties.

Cooking Space

First and foremost, you should know that the Weber Genesis II offers 669 square inches of cooking space. This is more than what you’re going to get with the Spirit II. This means that the Genesis II can be used for a wider variety of activities. You will likely be able to use it for parties as long as the headcount isn’t too high. Either way, the cooking space is better than what you’re going to get with its leading competitor.

Grill Tool Storage

Another thing to note is that this grill offers plenty of storage space. The open-cart design ensures that you can store and access your tools quickly and conveniently. You’ll also be able to hang your tools on the side. You can keep them out of your way and grab them when you need them. The grate will be helpful for keeping your foods warm as well. When you’re not using the grate, you can fold it down and get it out of the way. The Spirit II offers some storage space but much less compared to its bigger competitor.

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Grease Management System

The Genesis II is equipped with an effective grease management system that you’re going to love. It ensures that most drippings are dealt with by the flavorizer bars. If they’re not, they’ll be transported away into the disposable drip tray. Since it is located underneath the cook box, you’ll be able to remove the tray and get rid of it easily. The grease management systems for these grips are very similar but the Genesis II can hold more grease.


You’re looking for a great grill and you know that you can trust and depend on Weber. However, you aren’t sure which grill is best. You’ll find that the Spirit II and Genesis II are similar but slightly different. They share many of the same features but the Genesis II is the bigger of the pack. It is slightly more expensive but you’ll get more bang for your buck.

If you have a small family and don’t need extra cooking space, you may want to stick with the Weber Spirit II. Otherwise, you’ll agree that the Genesis II is more versatile and beneficial thanks to its larger size.