Will a Gas Grill Fit in a Car?

Grilling season is just around the corner and you’re wondering if your grill will fit in your car. Well, before you buy a new one, take measurements of what can fit inside of your trunk or backseat to see how much space you have left for an extra-large BBQ.

In order to fit your grill in a car or SUV, you will need it be very light and small. The best way for that is often one of the smaller models which can fold up easily or have wheels attached. If this isn’t an option then it may require some creativity with packing!

Be aware though, grills are heavy when they’re empty so two people should always carry them together; never just by themselves.


What are some tips for moving a gas grill?

A pickup truck is by far the best vehicle to use when transporting a grill. The fact that it’s open and has no sides makes for easy access, which means your time will be much more efficient than if you used an enclosed area like a trailer or van.

If possible, lay down the back of the bed on its side so as not to inflict any damage onto yourself or your car during transport – especially with wheels!

Is it possible to transport a gas grill laying down?

There are many safety precautions that must be taken when moving your grill. The most important of all is to take out the propane tank and empty it before transporting. This way, you don’t have a fire risk on your hands while travelling with an obvious hazard like gas tanks in tow.

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How do you stop a grill from moving around in the back of a truck?

One of the most important steps in transporting a grill is to use secure wrappings. Wrap it up with moving blankets, and then tie them off securely using ropes or straps. If there are wheels on your grills, lay it down flat before packing so that you can keep the weight evenly distributed during transport for less chance of damage occurring while traveling from place to place!